The legal bits

Responsible lending

Get yourself familiar with our credit guide, and know you'll get a home loan that suits you.

The Tic:Toc guide to credit

We’re a proudly Australian company, so we follow with pleasure, all requirements set out in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP). The Act is regulated & enforced by ASIC. Which makes it legit.

This scrutiny of our customer offering is something we are very serious about (it is the Law after all). At Tic:Toc, we take our responsibilities to you – our customers – very seriously with a commitment to place your best interests at the forefront of our technology, product offering and customer service.

The Combined Industry Forum (CIF) defines a good customer outcome as when “the customer has obtained a loan which is appropriate (in terms of size and structure), is affordable, applied for in a compliant manner and meets the customer’s set of objectives at the time of seeking the loan.” For us, this means we make sure you get a home loan that suits you, and one you can afford. How do we make sure? Easy. Our technology simply won’t allow an alternative.

Our credit guide is available to you below, for some light reading (because a home loan is a serious business). It provides you with the key information you need to know about the credit assistance we provide for a Tic:Toc home loan. This credit guide was last updated on Dec 7th 2021.