Home loan eligibility

Here's everything you need to know about being eligible for a Tic:Toc home loan.

If you don’t meet our current criteria, don't stress. By applying with Tic:Toc, we can match your details against hundreds of loan options via our free in-house broker service, Tic:Toc + Choice.

Tic:Toc + Choice
Property Type
We don’t loan for land, Off the Plan or homes under 50m2All kinds of residential properties, including the ones not available through Tic:Toc
Properties need to be capital city or major regional centresAustralia-wide: major, regional, and rural
Loan types
  • Variable or fixed
  • P&I or IO
  • For live-in (owner-occupied) and investment home loans
  • A construction loan
  • A loan for land, properties purchased off the plan, and for properties with a small sqm (i.e. less than 50sqm)
  • A guarantor loan
  • Split loans (where you'd like both a fixed and variable loan)
  • Debt consolidation
  • Bridging loans
  • Cross-securitisation
  • Deposit amount

    At least 10% deposit is required (LMI applied for less than 20%)

    25% deposit for loans over $2m, and we’re not able to ‘cash out’ or equity release refinance

    The minimum deposit required for a Choice home loan starts at 2% – there are fees you'll need to cover like some government and third party fees. We recommend budgeting for at least 10% of the property value
    Loan amount

    Our minimum loan amount is $50K, and our maximum loan amount is $3M

    Loans above $2M - Funds in this instance can’t be used for an equity release or ‘cash out’ refinance

    The minimum deposit required starts at 2%. We recommend budgeting for at least 10% of the property value to cover any government and third-party fees
    You’re currently employed either through PAYG or self-employment. Tic:Toc has a minimum length of employment and trading experience. This can range from 6 months for PAYG and up to 2 years for self-employed rolesWith hundreds of loan products on offer, we're sure we can find something that can meet your requirements no matter your employment situation
    You’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident who lives in AustraliaAt least one applicant must be a permanent resident

    If you meet these criteria, it sounds like we could be a good fit for each other

    Tic:Toc + Choice

    Get access to hundreds of loans via our in-house broker service, Tic:Toc + Choice. Use the same application you started or submitted and match it against our approved panel of lenders.

    • Saving time - match with several loan alternatives from our network of more than 25 lenders.
    • No broker fees - unlike other brokers, our Tic:Toc brokers are not compensated through commissions.
    • Expert support - you’ll get access to the same experienced Australian-based team

    What is considered 'high-density'?

    Our policy defines high-density as 'complexes with more than 50 units/apartments, or is more than 5 storeys (excluding car parking)'.

    There are a few more details we'll check before we can give you the thumbs up on your property. If you'd prefer to check if your property meets the requirements, you can chat to our team, or you can enter the address on the first page of the application to see if it's eligible for Tic:Toc or if we can better meet your requirements through Tic:Toc + Choice.

    Our system may not always be able to identify a high-density property straight away (especially recently built complexes), but we'll try and give you as much info up front as possible.

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