Our mission

Making home loans faster, smarter and simpler

Tic:Toc combines tech and people to simplify the complicated, automate the laborious and humanise the digital.

A home loan process built by a tech company, not a bank

Tic:Toc launched in 2017 and turned the home loan process on its head.

Our proprietary technology enabled a world-first: a low-cost home loan that can be delivered to customers – with a contract – in less than 58 minutes, from the time they started their application. But it’s not just about speed for us. Tic:Toc’s tech makes the lending process so efficient, our Home Loan experts can focus on the stuff that matters – helping customers, if and when they need it.

How does the tech work?

We digitised a bank’s credit policy and created a series of data models to make lending recommendations for our human assessment team. Automated home loans. We now offer this tech to other lenders too via Tic:Toc Enterprise, so the entire industry can do it better.

People watch a Zoom call

People don’t expect exceptional service, responsible lending or having respect for customers and their time from online lenders. We’ve changed that.

Anthony Baum, Founder and CEO

Bank backed, without the banky bits

We've partnered with a trusted bank, protected by the government's financial claims scheme (FCS). So we can focus on building better technology to improve your experience.

Our loans are funded by the good folk at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, who are long-time friends of the business (and a shareholder). With a Tic:Toc home loan, you become a Tic:Toc customer. For more information about our business, read our FY22 Annual Report.

Smart baCking from smart investors

Our all-star home loan specialists

It's the people behind our technology that make us really special. Our Customer Hub have over 100 years of combined experience in credit. Plus, they're the nicest folk going around and love solving problems for our customers.

Ivy Sarmiento

Customer hub team lead

Want to join the team?

Be a part of a fast-growing fintech that exists because of our talented and diverse team. We're always on the lookout for smart, creative (and hungry) doers, to help us on our mission.

How we're different

At Tic:Toc, we’ve made it a practice to do things differently.

Like being an online lender that cares about responsible lending. And a digital disruptor that shares its ground-breaking technology with the industry.

We remove the things that cost you time and money and support our customers with a team of home loan experts that are as local as you are.

An automated experience that’s surprisingly human, we offer the fastest online home loan application but not at the cost of customer service.

We’re an online business that takes the time to explain how rates work and doesn’t treat you like a number.

And in doing so, we’re faster, smarter and simpler.

What our customers are saying

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