Rate match

Terms and conditions

Rate match offer:

If you’ve seen a lower rate for an identical variable P&I home loan product, and you’re applying for a loan from 1 June 2022, we’ll match the rate. This offer is available to customers eligible for a Tic:Toc Live-in or Investment home loan purchasing or refinancing a property from another financial institution. The rate will be honoured if the rate appears in your loan contract which must be accepted by you under the normal terms of the contract. This offer may change or be withdrawn at any time. This offer is subject to normal lending criteria and government charges. Excludes refinance of existing Tic:Toc home loans.

What do we mean when we say ‘an identical variable P&I home loan product’?

We’ll match the rate on the competitor variable P&I home loan product if it’s identical to the material features of our Tic:Toc product and the competitor product is currently on offer (i.e. not an expired or past promotion or offer). If the other product doesn’t contain the features that ours does and has extra fees, Tic:Toc doesn’t consider this to be an ‘identical product’.

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