A simple, no-strings attached home loan

Save money, time and stress.

Expert advice in seconds

We're not a call centre and pride ourselves on giving straight-up info, fast. Our home loan experts are Australia-based and 90% of our calls are answered within 20 seconds. We hate salesy speak, so won't be pressuring you for anything. We're just here if and when you need help.

Kick-ass security

We take security very seriously here at Tic:Toc. That’s why our proprietary tech has been built from the ground up, by us - it’s so good, other lenders, including two of Australia’s biggest five banks, use it too.

Apply online in minutes

Complete an easy online application and get your decision in minutes or ASAP if we hit a manual snag. It's secure, simple - it doesn't even have any of those pesky paper forms to fill out.

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