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I don't know what type of loan or features will be best for me. Do I need to know before I apply online?

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At Tic:Toc, it’s not essential. We have a series of questions we ask you during the application process that will not only tell us whether you’re a good fit for one of our loans, but also help to narrow down the kind of loan that’s best for you.

During the application process we’ll ask you what the loan is for and what your goals and objectives are from acquiring the loan.

We’ll also help you narrow down things that are important to you like;

  • If you want to pay the loan down quickly
  • If you prefer knowing how much your repayments will be so you can maintain a budget (i.e. fixed rate) or if you prefer loan flexibility (variable rate)
  • How often you’d prefer to make repayments
  • Whether you want features with your loan such as an offset account and redraw facility.

Based on your answers, we’ll then recommend some loan options and once you decide which is best for you, we’ll go ahead and do your financials and crunch the numbers for you.

If you don’t qualify for a loan, we’ll let you know upfront so we don’t waste your time and if you’re approved, you’ll have your answer in a matter of minutes.

That’s the beauty of our real-time online application process and it’s what’s made us a standout provider in the home loan sector.

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