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What does the application process look like?

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Wondering how the application process works?

Take a look.

Chances are, your application will take place from the comfort of your home. Laptop, phone, or Smart Fridge – whichever device you're using, it's easy to apply with Tic:Toc.

Our application is the real deal

We're challengers, and we like to do things differently. This includes our home loan application – it's quite unique and works differently from any home loan application you may have been through before. What you're filling out isn't a 'contact us' form or a lead capture form. It's the real deal. A bonafide, genuine, application which, if you're approved, you will receive a real loan for. We also run a credit check which will appear as a credit enquiry on your credit file.

Beginning the application

Starting with your eligibility, we'll ask a few basic questions about the property you'd like to purchase. We run a quick check on the property to make sure we can lend against it, and then we'll ask about your priorities for having a home loan. Our system will recommend a loan product for you (for example, a Variable Live-In Principal and Interest home loan or a 2-year Fixed Live-In Principal and Interest home loan).

Then, we'll get to know each other. We'll ask for your name and D.O.B., then digitally verify a form of your ID. You can use your Drivers Licence, a passport, your Medicare card or a foreign passport with an Australian Visa. Please note: at this point, we'll run a credit check.

About your financials

We'll ask for a bit of information around your current financial situation. You'll have the opportunity to provide a thoughtful estimate of your income and expenses, as well as information about your current commitments (such as any existing home or car loans).

Then to instantly verify the info, you can securely link your bank account(s) so our in-house technology can fetch read-only copies of your transaction statements. Don't worry – we use bank-grade tech to do this part, and no one at Tic:Toc will ever see your bank logins.

Don't feel like using our digital validation? That's ok. You can manually upload copies of your transaction statements, but we'll need a Tic:Toc team member to review these, so it'll take a little longer.

After you submit your financials, our application will come to a decision. If you're approved, congrats! Wait for the settlement process.

If there's something we need to look into further, we'll let you know and one of our Credit Assessors will be in touch shortly.

Where do I add my partner's income?

Both yourself and your partner, separately, need to provide evidence of your financial position. We will ask the primary applicant first and once they have successfully provided their financial information, the application will then run through the same questions for the second applicant to input their financial details.

We'll only ask you to provide an estimate of your household expenses once. We ask you to consider your combined expenses, and we won't ask you to provide separate expense estimates for the primary and secondary applicants. We'll ask for this information as the primary applicant is filling in their financial info, and before we ask the secondary applicant to provide their financial info.

And that's it! Applying for a home loan couldn't be easier.

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