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Who actually lends me the money and where does it come from?

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Your loan provider is Tic:Toc, which makes you a Tic:Toc customer. The funder of your loan is Bendigo and Adelaide bank, because they give us the money to lend to you (thanks guys).

We partnered with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank because they’re a trusted bank, protected by the government's Financial Claims Scheme (FCS).

What Tic:Toc provides

At Tic:Toc, we offer you faster, cheaper home loans with our world-first online application technology and we continue to work on improving that technology to give you an even better customer experience.

Online home loans aren’t new, but at Tic:Toc, we’ve streamlined the application process to under one hour, making it the fastest and most convenient way to get a cheaper home loan with little or no fees.

Tic:Toc also takes care of the assessment process once you’ve applied for your home loan, requesting a credit check from a credit reporting agency and using it to assess your eligibility for the loan.

What the bank does

If we approve your Tic:Toc home loan, the Bendigo and Adelaide bank then provides the online portal where you can make your loan repayments and access your offset account. They also process any changes you might want to make to your loan.