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Is Tic:Toc associated with TikTok, the entertainment app?

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Tic:Toc is not associated or affiliated with TikTok in any way. In fact, we launched in 2017, well before ByteDance acquired the app Musical.ly and rebranded to TikTok.

We’re an Australian-owned and based technology company that specialises in building platform technology, and whilst we’ve got moves, we prefer to stick to building tech vs. choreographing viral dance challenges.

We’re also backed by the wonderful folks at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Australia’s 5th largest bank, and hold ourselves to extremely high standards when it comes to data and security. Our credentials include holding our very own Australian Credit License (we’re not piggybacking off anyone) and we’re an approved unrestricted accredited data recipient under the Consumer Data Right – just ask the ACCC.