Join the rocket ship

It's not just a job for us. Be a part of something special, and help us make stuff faster, smarter, simpler.

Who we are

We're a fintech company reimagining financial services

We dream, design, and build together. While we offer home loans direct to customers to give Australians a smarter home loan, our entire team guide and test our products, so we can make our tech better. And then we sell that tech to help partners' bring their own lending services up to speed via Tic:Toc Enterprise.

We've assembled some of the best talent in Australia, and together we find smarter ways to do things, everyday.

Our values

Making time is more than an output of our tech. It's our philosophy in life

  • We make time. To be transparent.

    We're perplexed by the smoke and mirrors of the finance industry. No more. We tell it how it is, with no asterisks.

  • We make time. To build good bonds.

    We know we're only as good as the company we keep, so we ensure every partnership is mutually beneficial.

  • We make time. To be human.

    100% digital doesn't mean 100% robot. People are the reason Tic:Toc exists, and people drive our technology.

  • We make time. To take responsibility.

    We aim to create the best experiences possible. But we know mistakes happen, so we own up and fix them quickly.

How we tic

We ask questions, innovate, and move at a fast pace

Our team is proudly diverse. We work side-by-side with open access to everyone and their wonderful ideas. We're proud of Tic:Toc HQ and believe our fabulous physical environment in Adelaide helps us to be more fabulous in everything we do.

Minseok Song

Machine Learning Engineer


Here are just some of the areas you could add to

But we hate to pigeonhole, because we're all unique pigeons.

  • Tech

    We're the builders, obsessed with creating cool stuff that is stitched together in beautiful ways. We're developers, architects, infrastructure engineers, testers and business analysts and we take pride in building next-level products.

  • Data

    We're data scientists and machine learning engineers. Which means we get lost (and found) in numbers and patterns. We translate code into meaningful stories, and build models to inform and harness the power of our technology.

  • Marketing

    We're obsessed with knowing, finding and delighting the customer. We're content creators, digital specialists, strategists, and brand, enterprise marketing and media experts, and we love to find creative and data-driven ways to tell a well constructed story.

  • Experience and UX

    We're the designers passionate about ideas that put the customer first. We build better user journeys and then develop them too, to become the ultimate interpreter between the tech and the user.

  • Home loan experts

    We're the credit and customer service gurus. We have stacks of experience in financial services, combined with front line commitment to the customer. Plus, the bravery and excitement to do lending differently.

The good stuff that comes with being a Tocker

Current openings

Our recruitment process

What to expect when you apply with us

  1. Say hello

    Introduce yourself by applying for one of our current opportunities or expressing your interest.

  2. Let's chat

    If you're the kind of person we're looking for we'll be in touch soon to arrange an informal chat over coffee so we can learn more about you. You can also learn more about us!

  3. Let's meet

    The next step for successful applicants is an interview. We’ll meet with you in person, or via webcam if you’re based remotely. You’ll get to meet your potential team leader and some of the team you’ll be working with. We’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities of the role and how this contributes to Tic:Toc. This is your chance to pick our brain about what it’s like to work at Tic:Toc.

  4. Let's meet... again!

    We’re all about collaboration here at Tic:Toc, so we want you to meet as many of the team as possible throughout the process. This time you'll meet with someone else from your future team and someone from an entirely different area of Tic:Toc. We’ll talk further about our culture and what it’s like to work here.

  5. Doing our due diligence

    At this stage we'll complete reference checks to make sure you are who you say you are 🕵️

  6. Pop the champagne

    If we think you’re a great fit and you feel the same about us, we’ll make you an offer - yay! If you're not successful this time, we'll offer you some feedback to help you in the future. We'll also need to complete a number of background checks at this point as well.

  7. Onboarding

    If you say yes, your team will be waiting to welcome you with open arms and show you the ropes. We’ll also try to catch up with you before you start - so we can minimise those first day jitters.

    Meet the team

    Get up close and personal

    • Fun stuff

      Inside Tic:Toc: Ershadi, Software Engineer

      Bailey Underwood

    • Fun stuff

      Inside Tic:Toc: Karl, Credit Team Lead

      Bailey Underwood

    • Fun stuff

      Inside Tic:Toc: Brinda, Credit Assessor to Business Analyst

      Bailey Underwood