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Some of the reasons you'll love us

We combine leading technology with amazing humans. So, you can get the fastest online home application, with people who’ll take the time to explain how a variable rate works.

  • Save time

    We assess you as you complete your application, which means your home loan approval comes faster.

  • Save cash

    Reap the rewards of a truly digital home loan: award winning home loan rates, with no fees.

  • Own your process

    Get your loan on your timeline, with exceptional human experts available to chat when you want help.

  • Get full approval

    Get full or conditional approval (subject to property). We do both. Get full approval for maximum confidence at auction.

  • Ditch paperwork

    By linking your accounts, we can verify your income and expenses without paper. Responsible, and fast.

  • Secure process

    Get tech-nerd grade security, encryption and hosting. Plus, confidence in our Australian Credit Licence and backing by Australia's fifth largest bank.

How does Tic:Toc have such low rates?

Tic:Toc's technology has the ability to automate the entire home loan process.

And if an application does require human assessment, we only assess the bit our tech couldn't. This makes our home loan assessment at least 80% more efficient than the bigger lenders, and we can pass that saving straight to our customers. Plus, our human home loan experts get to spend more time helping our customers and less time being number crunchers. Helping customers is where we get our kicks.

If you choose to see a broker, you probably won't pay them a fee. But they’re getting paid by someone... your lender. These costs are recovered through the interest rate you pay, as well as additional fees and charges incurred at the start and throughout the life of your loan. We offer our home loans direct to customers, so we can cut out the middle man, and the cost.

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What your loan costs your funder

And how much you can save by embracing technology to do home loans, smarter.

Assessment & processing $4,000$100
Origination commission $2,450$2,800
Trailing commission $2,100$2,100
Total costs$8,550$5,000

These costs are based on the Australian average loan size of $350,000 for a live-in principal and interest loan with a 4.0% interest rate, over a 4 year term.

These are approximate figures, based on industry intel because “information on the relative costs of different distribution channels is not readily available”. Though we know “distributing through mortgage brokers… has a higher transaction cost” while “the cost of processing the loan… is likely to be similar between the [broker and direct to lender] distribution channels”. (Deloitte Access Economics, The Value of Mortgage Broking July 2018, p30).

No honeymoon rates

Because of our efficient tech, we offer low rates all the time, and our rate changes are based on our funder and market forces. Honeymoon rates are designed to entice new customers, but after the honeymoon period ends you could end up with an uncompetitive rate compared with other offers in the market. We’re transparent about how we set our interest rates and don’t make loyal customers subsidise lower prices for new customers.

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