Join the rocket ship

We’re reimagining financial services, and we’re growing fast. Be a part of something extraordinary and help us simplify the complicated, automate the laborious and humanise the digital.

Our values

Creating time is more than what our tech does.

It's our mantra.

  • Time to be transparent

    We're perplexed by the smoke and mirrors of the finance industry. No more. We tell it how it is, with no asterisks.

  • Time to build good bonds

    We know we're only as good as the company we keep, so we ensure every partnership is mutually beneficial.

  • Time to be human

    100% digital doesn't mean 100% robot. People are the reason Tic:Toc exists, and people drive our technology.

  • Time to take responsibility

    We aim to create the best experiences possible. But we know mistakes happen, so we own up and fix them quickly.

How we Tic

Dream big and act fast

We maintain our start-up spirit to veto complacency, take risks and be flexible. We’re tough on ourselves. When we win, we celebrate our success together. When we fail, we celebrate new information learned.

The Tic:Toc team

Thriving at work

Good stuff that comes with being a Tocker

  • 🚴

    Adelaide lifestyle + flex

    We’re based in the liveable and loveable Adelaide CBD, with a new office designed for collaboration and innovation. We also have spoke-offices across Australia, and embrace flexible working.

  • 🏖️

    Leave that matters

    Our leave aligns with our purpose to create time that matters most. This means making time for our people through things like extra loyalty leave.

  • 🤗

    Be yourself

    We believe that what makes us different makes us stronger, and we’re proud to have a really diverse group of people at Tic:Toc. It’s embedded in our values to bring our curious and quirky and wonderful selves to work.

  • 🌱

    Grow professionally and personally

    We’re passionate about helping you grow to reach your full potential. You’ll benefit from individual development planning, as well as learning and development initiatives, designed to set you up for success.

  • 🥳

    We have fun

    We’re a social bunch. We make time to connect and celebrate over food, fundraising events, team activities, Tic:Toc parties, and more food. We love Halloween more than Melbourne Cup and decorate our desks.

  • 🏄‍♀️

    Employee share plan

    Our employees are shareholders, so we share in and are engaged with, our success. We do this through generous all-employee plans as well as plans linked to contribution and success of our strategic goals.

Tic:Toc employee collage

Where you fit

Here are just some of the areas you could add to

But we hate to pigeonhole, because we're all unique pigeons.

Sound like a good fit?

Bailey with his Birthday cake

Meet the team

Get up close and personal

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  • Tockers

    Ansu, Scrum Master

    Bailey Underwood

  • Tockers

    Jordan, Training Lead

    Bailey Underwood

  • Tockers

    Bridget, Customer Hub Team Lead

    Bailey Underwood

  • Tockers

    Minseok, Machine Learning Engineer

    Melissa Brown

  • Tockers

    Kristina, Credit Assessor

    Bailey Underwood

  • Tockers

    Phil, Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Bailey Underwood

  • Tockers

    Ershadi, Software Engineer

    Bailey Underwood

  • Tockers

    Brinda, Credit Assessor to Business Analyst

    Bailey Underwood

  • Tockers

    Shane, Credit Assessor

    Melissa Brown